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New Puppy Advice

Here's what you need to know to look after your new puppy

All of us at Copeland Veterinary Surgeons get very excited about a new puppy and we know you do too. For a first-time owner it can be a very anxious time, so we have introduced Puppy Consultations with our Veterinary Nurses. The nurses will help you make the best choices for your gorgeous new addition; they will answer your questions and give you useful tips and advice. Just contact reception and they will arrange a free puppy nurse consult. An appointment with the Veterinary Surgeon will always be required for vaccinations and medical concerns.

We have also produced a very useful Puppy Regime guide for you to refer to.


Course of three initial vaccinations:

  • First vaccination from 8 weeks
  • Second vaccination from 11 weeks
  • There should be no less that 3 weeks and no more than 4 weeks betweeen injection one and two
  • Third vaccination at 6 months

Kennel cough vaccination is usually only given if going into kennels.

Although the puppy is not fully protected by the vaccination until 2 weeks after the second dose we recommend any age puppies can:

  • Go in owner's garden
  • Meet vaccinated dogs belonging to friends/neighbours etc.
  • Be carried outside
  • Meet as many people as possible


How often should you feed your puppy?

  • Younger than 12 weeks old: up to 4 times a day
  • Between 12 weeks and 6 months: up to 3 times a day
  • Older than 6 months: twice a day

Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. We advise leaving food down for 15 minutes then taking away even if puppy has not eaten it at all. This encourages the puppy to eat what you want them to eat rather than nibbling throughout the day and becoming a picky eater.

Socialisation of puppies

Many behavioural problems arise in future life when a dog has been inadequately socialised as a puppy. The main socialisation period in dogs is between 6 and 13 weeks of age. For this reason we promote controlled early socialisation as much as possible.

  • A) 10 days after their first vaccination puppies can go out on clean pavements (not verges or other paths) but they must avoid unknown dogs or dog faeces.

  • A) Puppies can meet vaccinated dogs at any age, but if the vaccination status of the other dog is unknown we advise that they don't mix until 2 weeks after the second vaccination.

  • A) We encourage all puppies to meet as many people and children as possible, don't exclude from gatherings unless there are unvaccinated dogs likely to be present.

Two weeks after second vaccination the puppy has no restrictions at all.

If you have any questions relating to anything above or have any questions about your puppy in general please contact us at the surgery.

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